Build customer loyalty with video marketing

The majority of companies, when investing in advertising strategies, always seek to capture, capture, capture. They are always looking for a new client to obtain quick sales, to say that we have more clients than the competition or more than a month or a year ago.

However, few remember those who are old customers. Make your customers loyal with video marketing; you’ll notice it in your profit sheet.

Customers do remember companies when they launch new super offers for new customers and the old ones, with years of loyalty and a lot of money spent, see that they are less important. This happens everywhere.

We see it with telephone and internet companies that do not hesitate to offer huge discounts while customers with 15 years old not only do not receive them but have been forced to change their conditions to continue with the company.

It doesn’t seem like a very pleasant scenario for regular customers, does it? But it’s reality.

Tips to increase visualizations

Video marketing for customer loyalty

Our solution, which is becoming increasingly stylish – at last – is to create a video marketing strategy to build customer loyalty, completely forgetting to capture. In other words, we are looking for potential customers, really, who want to be with us beyond our offers, who love our products or services.

Why? Because otherwise they will go to the competition, which also offers these interesting conditions to new customers, better than you give them being lifetime customers.

So… where do we start?

Useful and attractive FAQs

Have you ever used a FAQ to solve a question about your new product or service and you stay the same as you were? This happens very often. Among other things because the FAQs are written by people outside the company who do not know the products as they should, therefore, can not offer you the solution you need.

Create a really useful FAQ, with:

  1. demo videos
  2. tutorials
  3. etc.
  4. video-marketing

The uses of your product

You know how the product works. Now, teach them more. It offers novel ideas on how to use them, giving them new uses, teaches how to improve the performance of services, etc..

In addition, if you do well, you can be encouraging the purchase of other products so you can not only loyalty customers but also multiply sales.


Go a step further and join the cart of companies that offer webinars for their customers. They can consist of improving the day to day use of your products if your customers are individuals or helping to improve business if your customers are other companies.

Of course, helping the customer is something that, unfortunately, is seen very little today, and is something that could completely change the path that leads your business.

However, if you are going to invest in this type of content, contact a quality audiovisual production company capable of creating specific material for your business and for your type of clientele. Don’t leave your future in the hands of companies that create a generalized video that has nothing to say. Do it with the best!

What do you think about these ways of building customer loyalty with video marketing, do you agree that you have to pamper the customer so as not to lose him?

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