Videos: a key piece in the digital marketing plan

When we create a marketing strategy we want to accompany our potential client throughout a process that ends with the decision making on an acquisition of our product. Many are the resources that we use to carry out this feat, however, today we want to talk about video, a key piece in the digital marketing plan.

Video has become the star resource for promotions, both for our products and for the company itself. We want to explain why this is so and detail the phases in which this audiovisual resource helps to create and build customer loyalty.

Audiovisual productions with Motion Graphics

  1. Signs that the video is gaining in importance
  2. YouTube, the largest audiovisual platform to date, is growing by leaps and bounds both in the amount of content uploaded and in users who consume it.
  3. New platforms base their content on video. Just take a look at Vine or Snapchat.
  4. Older social networks are trying to generate video inventory.
  5. The use of mobile phones has led to an increase in video consumption, with half of audiovisuals being played from these devices.
  6. In the social networks, used daily by millions of people, live broadcasts are beginning to be made, one more sign that video triumphs in all formats.
  7. Google carries out annual studies that have demonstrated, once again, the importance of video as a key piece in the digital marketing plan, stating that 40% of viewers of a video access the brand’s website and 28% make a purchase.

How does video in marketing work?

Here we show you the stages through which a user passes to become a customer and in which we must accompany him by offering the most appropriate audiovisual content in each case.

How to have more visualizations

Awareness or stage of consciousness

It’s the stage where the spectator doesn’t know what he wants or even if he really wants something. It begins to get information about the products so it is the moment when we must generate awareness to create or enhance a need.

The first actions should be focused on generating trust for our brand, then go, little by little, promoting our products, once the viewer trusts us.

The objective will always be to achieve the greatest scope, either as a brand strategy or if we want to generate visits with a product strategy.

Consideration stage

Once it is known that the product is really desired, the audience begins to be informed in detail. They will start searching for accurate information and our videos need to provide it. They will also be used to measure your interest.

Conversion stage

It is time to achieve our goal, which will usually be a sale, but at other times we must be more humble and seek only visits.

The video must be able to eliminate the doubts of the future customer to become a regular consumer of the brand. To do this, we should not hesitate to make explanatory videos, because good videos greatly increase the conversion rate.

Tips to increase visualizations

Loyalty stage

Our work doesn’t end when we attract clients, but it is necessary to move on to the next phase, much more important than what a sale can be: loyalty.

If we manage to build customer loyalty, surely in your next purchase you will go directly to us and recommend us to make your digital marketing video about your business.

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